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Here’s what our patients say about us!

I have had treatment by A.P. Clinic staff over many years and have always found their service and treatment as a patient first class, and would certainly pass on my recommendation to others.
W. Sutherland
Without Naina’s help I don’t know what I would have done. I was in so much pain when I came here. I would highly recommend this service to others. Thank you.
L. Fordham
A caring and professional clinic. I always feel in safe hands.
M. Hardy
I have been coming for three years and have received excellent treatment.
E. Van Acker
I have been coming to see Naina for various complaints for the past ten years. She has treated my shoulders, my ankle, my elbow, my knee and most recently, my hip. All of the treatment has proved completely successful and I am convinced that Naina’s treatment of my knee ensured that I did not require an arthroscopy, despite a knee surgeon’s recommendation.
M. Roseman
I am back playing football again – thanks to your good work. Since coming back to regular exercise I have felt like a completely different person. I’ve seen plenty of physiotherapists over the years, and even the good ones don’t compare. Thoroughly professional, and a pleasure to see – even at 7.20 in the morning! So thanks again for everything – you have both made a real difference.
C. Adams
The A.P. Clinic is efficient and well organised. I was impressed by the accuracy of diagnosis and the advice with effective targeted treatment.
E. Smith
I have visited this Clinic several times. I have been very pleased with my treatment and I have recommended the A.P. Clinic to friends.
V. Hogan
Very friendly/personal service.
C. David
Naina was recommended by my son-in-law and I am so pleased I found her. I was in a great deal of pain and distress and her calm, efficient and focused manner all reassured me, allowing her treatment and ongoing care to be very effective. Thank you.
A. Watson
Naina and the A.P. Clinic have played a fundamental part in my recovery from keyhole surgery some seven years ago. She worked carefully and methodically, both before and after the operation, the results which had me ‘fit’ before the procedure, therefore speeding up recovery time. Her level of understanding and compassion place her very high in my estimation as a professional.
M. Stylianou
I feel the service is of the highest quality. I always receive respect, compassion, and clear and helpful follow-up advice to continue exercises at home. I have total trust in the treatment and it’s realistic goals. I have no hesitation in recommending the A.P. Clinic to friends.
J. Bradley
I went to see Naina after breaking my ankle in a riding accident, just twelve weeks before I was due to go on a very active holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia. As soon as the plaster came off, Naina started treating the ankle and gave me exercises to improve the flexibility of the ankle and strengthen the leg as a whole. She made sure I took a cautious approach whilst the ankle was still vulnerable to further damage but gave me confidence about pushing the strengthening and mobility work. It paid off and on holiday I walked long distances over difficult terrain and jumped on and off boats with no pain or problem.
A. Vydulinska
I spent the weekend camping, all day on my feet and plenty of dancing. Couldn’t imagine such a thing last year. Back and leg fine. Down to you both, Naina and Aimee, thank you!
J. Cowles

Here’s what the professionals say about us!

Naina provides a FIRST CLASS professional service to ALL her patients.
Mr D. Sweetnam (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)
I have been referring to Naina Patel for many years as she provides a very efficient and professional service which patients appreciate. I have no hesitation in recommending her highly.
Mr I. Bacarese-Hamilton (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)
I have referred many of my patients to Naina at her Muswell Hill practice. All of my referrals have been met with a prompt and convenient provision of appointments to meet both the patients clinical and personal needs. The A.P. Clinic offers an excellent range of physical and rehabilitation therapies in support of the continuation of acre for musculoskeletal conditions. These without doubt have enhanced the speedy recovery of my patients.
Dr R. Rogers (Sports and Musculoskeletal Physician)
Naina has helped my post-operative patients for over ten years. I can say confidently that she provides an excellent rehabilitation and physiotherapy service and is well liked by patients and colleagues.
Mr R. Lloyd-Williams (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)
We are delighted with the effective, professional services provided by the A.P. Clinic. Our patients have had many years of service from this clinic and no complaints!
Dr R. Hatjiosif (GP at Rutland House Surgery)
Naina is an experienced, knowledgeable and friendly practitioner whom I would not hesitate to recommend. A valuable member of the general medical team in her speciality of physiotherapy.
Mr A. Root (Podiatrist)
I have had the pleasure of working with Naina and her team at the A.P Clinic for many years and have always found their work to be of the highest standard.
Mr J. Coulter (Podiatrist)

Here’s what Pilates Instructors say about us!

We are very fortunate to be able to refer clients to the A.P. Clinic. which we have done for a number of years. The feedback has always been extremely positive. They are very professional and even though they are very busy and popular, they will always try and accommodate.
T. Chadha (Pilates on the Green)
Naina Patel is an experienced, knowledgeable and highly professional physiotherapist. I am very pleased to be able to refer clients to her and have always heard positive feedback.
A. Schmidt (Cranio Sacral Therapist and Pilates Instructor)
I have worked very closely with Naina Patel over the past eight years on both a personal and professional level. It was through my personal experience with her and the treatment I received both pre and post-operation in 2004 that encouraged me to recommend her and the A.P. Clinic as an affiliated practitioner to our full-time diploma in Musical Theatre. Naina will see students for both initial assessment/diagnosis an injury treatment. her feedback is always very detailed and useful for both the college and the students. I have found her method of treatment and understanding of a dancer’s body to be highly effective for studio-based injuries. I would, and often do, highly recommend her as a practitioner.
M. Stylianou (Pilates Instructor & Course Coordinator at WAC Arts)
I have been attending the A.P. Clinic for over twenty years, and since opening my Pilates studio in 1999 I have recommended numerous clients. Naina Patel and her team have always been so positive in their approach to treatment and very professional in their advice following treatment, and they continue to keep me on my feet!
K. Smith (The Pilates Studio)

Here’s what our massage clients have to say about us!

Getting a massage from Ruth is not just calming, relaxing and rejuvenating, she has helped to alleviate those long term aches and pains and instinctively knows which areas to concentrate on to untie the knots my body insists on getting itself into over a tiring week. Receiving a regular massage from Ruth has become an important part of keeping my body (and myself) happy while handling the demands of a busy life.
H. Rice
Regular sports massage with Nick has been tremendously helpful in keeping injuries under control, and allows me to pursue my sporting interests.
R. DuBois