Updated Monday 18th May 2020.

COVID-19 Information Update

COVID-19 or Coronavirus is a new respiratory illness. The transmission is thought to occur through respiratory droplets generated by coughing and sneezing, and through contact with contaminated surfaces. . The incubation period is from 1-14 days and individuals will be considered most infectious from the onset of their symptoms. The most common symptoms are fever and continuous cough. Other symptoms include a sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste and smell, and less so, diarrhoea and vomiting.
If you have these symptoms you must stay at home for between 7-14 days depending on your household situation. If your symptoms worsen you can contact NHS 111 online or call NHS 111. In an emergency dial 999.

Prevention of transmission:

  1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds frequently
  2. Use hand sanitizer
  3. Cough, sneeze or blow your nose into a tissue and bin it. Then wash your hands immediately for at least 20 seconds.
  4. Wear a face mask in enclosed public places e.g. public transport and shops.
  5. Clean and disinfect regularly touched objects e.g. phones, keyboards and glasses.
  6. Socially distance yourself from others by 2 metres where possible when outside.

Bearing in mind this information, the AP Clinic will request the following from patients booking a face to face appointment.

  1. Attend your appointment on time (not early or late) to ensure social distancing is observed between each patient.
  2. Wear your own face mask (if not, we can supply a single use disposable one)
  3. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer on entry to the clinic
  4. Expect our staff to be wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  5. Be assured all our surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected between each patient. This includes the treatment couch, face cushion, any equipment used, card machine, water dispenser, door handles and toilet facilities.

Please note all guidance and advice is subject to change in accordance with the Government, CSP and PHE guidelines as the virus evolves. By following these measures, we can keep you and our staff safe and COVID-19 free.

Thank you!
The A.P. Clinic Team